Getting Here

From Manila:

  • Public Transport: Only recommended for the experienced traveller is one of the many public bus services which ply the route from various terminals in Manila to Batangas. If you are staying in Malate or Makati the closest terminal is either the JAM or JAC terminal at the corner of Buendia and Taft Ave. Make sure the destination sign reads 'Batangas Pier via Star Tollway' or similar for the most direct route. The bus fare is around 160 pesos. Once at Batangas Pier look for a ferry to Sabang, the main operator being Father and Son Lines (FSL). Muelle Pier in Puerto Galera is a second option with either Father and Son Lines or Minolo Shipping Lines (MSL) but involves another transfer via jeepney or small banca if Sabang is your final destination. The boat fare from Batangas to Sabang or Puerto Galera is about 230 pesos.  If transfering from Puerto Galera to Sabang the cost is 20 pesos on the public jeep, or 100 pesos for a tricycle 'special trip', or 350 pesos for a small banca 'special trip'.
  • Tourist Coach: The SiKat bus (tel +63 2 708 9628) departs the City State Tower Hotel in Malate at 8.30am for 800 pesos per head one-way. The ticket price includess includes bus and ferry tickets from Manila to Sabang, and a guide as far as Batangas Pier.
  • Private Transfer: Most resorts in Puerto Galera can arrange to have you picked up from the airport or your hotel in Manila and taken by car or van to Batangas where you transfer to a private banca for the crossing to Sabang or Puerto Galera. Total cost one-way is typically around 6,500 to 7,000 pesos one-way for up to 6 people.
  • Seaplane: If you are determined to arrive in style and cost is no object, Air Juan operate modern turboprop floatplanes from Manila Bay for around 100 US Dollars one-way. Helicopter charter services are also available from various operators.


From Angeles / North Luzon:

  • If travelling by public transport take a bus from Dau bus station in Angeles to Cubao bus station in Manila, and from there change to a Batangas bus.
  • Private hire and taxi services can also be engaged to transport you to either Manila or Batangas.

From Boracay / Visayas:

It is possible to travel by sea and land from the Visayas to Puerto Galera if you want to avoid travelling back to Manila.

  • From Caticlan in Panay (closest port to Boracay) take a roro ferry to Roxas in Mindoro (about 4 hours, 400 pesos).
  • From Roxas take a van to Calapan (3 hours, 300 pesos).
  • From Calapan take another van to Puerto Galera (90 minutes, 100 pesos).

In the high season there is also the possibility of taking the 2GO ferry from Caticlan to Batangas and transfering to a banca bound for Puerto Galera. Currently the 2GO ferry arrives in Batangas at 6:00pm so this means an overnight stay in Batangas.

Weather Advisory: During the rainy season there is always the chance of a tropical storm or typhoon. In the event that the Bureau of Meterology declares a storm signal over Batangas or Mindoro, the Coast Guard will halt all regular passenger ferry crossings. It is sometimes possible to arrange a 'private trip' if the storm is still many hours away, otherwise you will be stuck in either Batangas or Puerto Galera until the storm passes. Check Typhoon2000 to see if there are any weather warnings likely to affect your trip.