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Regular Runs

Every Saturday - Mixed Hash

Meet at Capt'n Greggs Dive Resort. Runs depart 3:30pm from February to September and 3:00pm from October to January unless otherwise noted - watch the noticeboard at Capt'n Greggs or  this website for abnormal times.

Runs are usually A to B. 'Local' runs are around Sabang. 'Away' runs can be anywhere from San Teodoro to Talipanan and involve transport by jeepney to and from the start/finish.

First-time runners:

First-timers are welcome but in order to avoid navigational mishaps and other misunderstandings you must be introduced and accompanied by an experienced hasher. You will also be asked to sign a liability waiver form.

Please note that the Hash is an informal non-profit social group managed by volunteers and is not a commercial guiding service, therefore the fee covers transport and consumables only.

Hash Fee:
Drinkers: 350 pesos
Drinkers who shortcut and start drinking before anyone else: 500 pesos
Non-drinkers: 200 pesos (water and soft drinks included)
Kids under 14 years of age: free (water and soft drinks included)
1st time runners pay 250 pesos extra which includes a club t-shirt.

The fee for special runs varies and is announced separately.

Please help us get away on time by SIGNING IN EARLY AND BRINGING THE CORRECT CHANGE!

Upcoming Regular Runs:

Saturday June 3rd - Run 1416

Time: 3.30pm
Hare(s): Phantom Box Licker
Location: Away

Saturday June 10th - Run 1417

Time: 3.30pm
Hare(s): ???
Location: ???

Saturday June 17th - Run 1418

Time: 3.30pm
Hare(s): ???
Location: ???

Saturday June 24th - Run 1419

Time: 3.30pm
Hare(s): ???
Location: ???


Every Wednesday - Hash Hike

Sabang: Meet outside Victory Bar at 7.00am and wait for a jeepney named 'Blossom' coming from Sinandigan.
Puerto Galera: Meet outside Candava Supermarket in Puerto Galera at 8.00am and wait for 'Blossom' coming from Sabang.
Walks are approximately 3 to 4 hours long - Bring your own water/snacks and small notes for transport - No Fee
For further details & confirmation call or text Clog Wog on 0906 3140100

Next Hike:

Wednesday May 31st


Last Wednesday of every month - Blood Run

Men-Only bar-hopping run

Meet at Marti's Bar at 5pm. Wear a red t-shirt. Fee of 600 pesos includes drinks until the money runs out.

Next Blood Run:

Wednesday May 31st


Special Runs



27th Anniversary Run

Saturday October 14th

Shit Retainer 50th Birthday Run

Saturday October 28th


Hopalong Hotpants Birthday Run

late November - date to be finalized



Saturday December 23rd

New Years Run

Saturday December 30th