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The Puerto Galera House Harriers meet every Saturday afternoon. Runs usually start at 3.30pm (February to September) or 3:00pm (October to January)  from Captn Greggs Dive Resort on Sabang Beach except for special occasions when the time may be altered.

Founded in October 1990 by Dave 'Aussie' Austin, PGH3 is a mixed hash and people of all ages and sexes are welcome but bear in mind that some traditional bawdy songs are sung at our circles (see our Songbook and decide for yourself if it's suitable for the kiddies).

The Hash fee is currently 350 pesos for drinkers and 200 pesos for non-drinkers. Kids under 14 years of age are free. The fee includes  beer, gin juice or soft drinks that you consume during the period of the Hash as well as any transportation costs when the Hash travels to outlying locations. First time runners pay an additional fee of 250 pesos which includes a t-shirt.

First-time runners:

First-timers are welcome but in order to avoid navigational mishaps and other misunderstandings you must be introduced and accompanied by an experienced hasher. You will also be asked to sign a liability waiver form.

Please note that the Hash is an informal non-profit social group managed by volunteers and is not a commercial guiding service, therefore the fee covers transport and consumables only.

Runs are generally divided into two courses, one for runners and the other for walkers so you can choose the course you wish to take depending on your level of fitness or mood.

Course lengths are typically 4 to 7 km and can take from one to two hours to complete depending on the length, terrain and whether you choose to walk, jog or run.

Recommended Hash dress consists of a t-shirt and shorts and light protective footwear such as running shoes (duh). Flip flops (thongs to the Aussies) or open style sports sandals that don't provide toe protection are not recommended. Complete your ensemble with a cap or hat, sunscreen and a sense of humor.

Most of our runs take in some spectacular scenery and interesting Mangyan (native) villages and jungle, and our post run circles often produce some interesting antics so it's worthwhile bringing a small camera but make sure you can keep it dry in case of rain or beer accidents.

At the end of each run there is time for socializing where drinks will be offered prior to the circle. The circle is where new runners, visiting hashers, the hares and anyone else of note is honoured with a 'down down' and a song, and where announcements are made. Show respect and don't talk during the circle, as this is considered a private party and very bad etiquette. We don't do over the top stuff at our circles like bare-arsed ice-sitting or toilet seat necklacing as the emphasis is on the social gathering rather than public humiliation.

If you have any questions regarding the Hash, then please don't hesitate to get in touch. or fill out our Contact Form.